A well known protective cream is mostly made of vaseline or petroleum jelly. Just like mineral oil, it is also a by-product of refining crude oil, aka petroleum.

The unique thing about petrolatum is that it is the most effective occlusive agent known today. It sits on top of the skin creating an effective barrier against the evaporation of the skin’s natural moisture. This is great for healing cracked lips or severely dry skin patches, but overdoing it can have the opposite effect. Moist and warm environment also lets fungi and other microorganisms grow on your skin and cause dermatitis or infection.

Although there is no evidence that cosmetic, USP grade petrolatum is carcinogenic, the EU mandates that for cosmetic use, the full refining history of the petrolatum must be known and proven to be non-carcinogenic.

Petrolatum is an occlusive barrier, locking in moisture – but it does not allow moisture to be absorbed from the atmos­phere, meaning that under the layer of vaseline, your skin does not breathe. Lip balms with petrolatum and other petrochemicals can be less moisturising than those with natural emollients that enable moisture exchange.

For GLOW balm i chose ingredients that have emollient and moisturising, but also nourishing properties. The chosen butters and oils are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and form a protective layer that help to moisturise and soften your skin, as well as reduce and reverse damage from too much sun, cold wind or snowstorm!

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