Private branding or white label?

Salves, balms, deodorants, face oils, body oils, body lotions, cold process soap, syndet wash bars, shampoos, conditioners, package free solid skin-care, pet care products, and many more…

  • Produced exclusively for the wholesaler
  • Your own unique formula
  • Help with safety assessment and CPNP
  • Build your brand
  • Choose from the existing range
  • More cost effective
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Perfect for business gifts
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SHOP PRIVATE or white label skin care

Creating your own skin care line has never been easier! We make the salves, you make the profit.

NAUDE offers a wide range of all-natural skin care products from soap to salves and deodorants to pet care products, and unique formulas that you can use under your own brand label. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create your very own high quality skin care line and make your business skyrocket by offering your customers products that have already proven themselves in the market!

Choose from any of our products and drop us a message to enquire about private branding, white label, or a custom product formula tailored just for you. 

Deo cream
Cream deodorant
Pet paw and nose balm
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  • In addition to all the products we already stock, we can also provide private label skin care products based on your needs. 
  • We are able to design and print your labels too.
  • You’ll receive a cosmetic product that’s ready to go on the market!