You did it – you got yourself a new tat! 

A tattoo is more than just a piece of art, it’s a medical procedure too. Because a needle is used to insert the ink underneath your skin you leave yourself vulnerable to scarring and infections. Caring for your tattoo can prevent those complications and ensure that the tattoo heals properly.


So, how can you make sure that your new tattoo is something you don’t end up regretting?

1. Try not to wear clothes that will stick to or rub your tattoo.

2. Avoid swimming and the sun for at least 2 weeks.

3. Prefer cool showers. Hot water will not only dry out skin, but can also fade the ink.

4. Wash it with plain cool water, or use a gentle soap if needed. Pat dry, don’t rub!

5. Let it heal dry to avoid any infections and irritants, or apply a natural and organic alcohol free moisturiser to keep your artwork moist.

6. After about a week when the scabs have hardened and will begin to flake off, start using a healing emollient like SOS Skin Salve. It soothes itch and reduces redness, and fastens healing by keeping your skin protected and nourished. 

7. Keep your tat clean and cared for. It may take 3 to 4 months for the lower layers to completely heal.

8. Wear a physical non nano zinc oxide sunscreen during the daylight hours and/or cover it up.