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naude is not your usual moisturiser

NAUDE is a line of functional body care.


For adventurers

Take it anywhere you go. 

naude functional body care

For enthusiasts

Stay out there enjoying yourself to the max.

naude functional body care

For athletes

Helps you deliver top level performances.

Very best opinions

What they Say

"The ZINC is perfect for my cheeks when the sun is out, and I use the MULTI BALM almost after every session on the water to help me cool and soothe sore muscles."
"As a runner I want to have natural products which are healthy and powerful. The MULTI BALM is best after sports and the DEO really works during long runs."
"I use the SOS SALVE daily, i really like the fact that it works well as a glide for my wetsuit. It's very handy as it doesn't take much room in my gear bag on race day."

NAUDE is a body care line for those who spend their days out and about – wandering the earth, sailing the seas or running the trails.



surf, ski, hike inspired

why naude?

not your usual moisturiser

NAUDE is made to offer maximum treatment and protection.

for active, sporty and mobile people

Our products don’t add weight, nor take up space in your sack.

clean & smart

All chosen ingredients are natural, super concentrated, bio-active, and carry therapeutic properties that benefit your skin health.


Our mission is a cruelty free world. We use only vegan and sustainable raw materials.


We believe that less is more. 100% recyclable and no double packaging.


We create for those who admire and value the beauty of nature, and care about the earth as much as for themselves.

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