Wholesale availability & private branding

Wholesale pricing is available for large orders. We are open to new stockists, retailers, business gift, and other wholesale orders. No label/private label upon request. Contact us at info@naudenaturals.com for any enquires and pricing!


(Balms and salves) care instructions

Our products are made from natural butters and oils, and are minimally processed. Average shelf life varies from 6 – 18 months. Please keep your new goodies out of heat, sunlight and humidity to extend shelf life. Some ingredients have a naturally low melting point and soften/melt on temperatures higher than 25C (SOS SKIN SALVE & MULTI RESCUE BALM). When really warm, open the tin carefully not to spill the melted content. Feel free to keep your balms and salves in the refrigerator during the hottest months for an extra cool and soothing treat. In cold weather, products may be a firmer consistency. Simply warm in your hand before application. No matter the consistency, they work the same!


Skin sensitivities + allergens

With any new product it’s always best to spot test 24-hours prior to application. Apply a small amount of product to the inner forearm or wrist. After 24 hours if no reaction has occurred, proceed!We are not responsible for adverse reactions to product. It is the customer’s responsibility to test for skin sensitivities prior to use. Please do not use if you notice redness, irritation or other reactions.


What material is the packaging?

EPA lined aluminium. Aluminium is one of the best materials for recycling being an endless resource to recycle. The relatively low heat required to recycle also make aluminium score well on carbon footprint. We also love that it’s lightweight, makes the transportation less energy consuming too. Aluminium has excellent light block abilities, which helps add preservation to your product. We use EPA lined alu tins which ensures that the tin will not come into direct contact with the products. EPA stands for Epoxy Phenolic and this is an internal coating found in our aluminium packaging. It prevents the aluminium from coming into direct contact with any of the products. The EPA lining itself does not interact with the product and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S for use in cosmetics.