About me

Dachstein mountains austria

Hi! I am Liina, creator of NAUDE. I describe myself as a multi-potentialite with many superpowers. 

Before i started my own skin care brand I used to work in high-end restaurant kitchens. Being fed up with cooking for strangers, having no personal life, and worsening health issues, i became a follower and teacher of holistic healthcare, real nutrition, natural way of life.

I have a degree in photography. I’m a passionate graphic designer. Currently studying motion graphics.

I have a vegetable and herb garden in a beautiful suburb of Pärnu, Estonia. I’m into arts and films. Most of all i enjoy travelling the world and learning new stuff.

I am lucky to have had my very first dive at Great Barrier Reef. I also learned to surf in Australia. I have enjoyed amazing views from mountaintops in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Austria. I’ve hiked hundreds of kilometers in Taiwan. I’ve slept in a tent in Estonian forest in January. 

I am humble before nature, and grateful for being able to travel the world. With NAUDE, i want to give back. 

We created NAUDE for people like us – young, self-aware and active free-souls who spend their days out and about – wandering the earth, sailing the seas or running the trails. People who admire and value the beauty of nature and care about the earth as much as for themselves.

By sourcing natural ingredients from all four corners of the world, we’ve created a simple line of products that offers natural and safe way to care for your skin. All of our products are formulated and produced by us, in our own studio.

We choose ingredients that are super-concentrated, bio-active and carry therapeutic properties. Our products are made to offer maximum treatment and protection during extreme outdoor activities. They contain no water and are made to last long.

NAUDE products are made to go where you go – they don’t add weight, nor take up space in your sack. We use small, light and portable aluminium packaging – the easiest material to recycle.


About us

Dachstein mountains austria